Medical centres

The Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim operates a total of five centres of excellence dedicated to accurate diagnosis, treatment and after-care of special urological disorders. Under the motto "Everything by a single provider" the specialist urology hospital's medical centres focus the skill and experience of all those engaged in treatment and enable a continuous exchange of necessary information and the next treatment steps. Flexible planning, unhindered procedures and processes and the greatest possible transparency in diagnosis and therapy are what mark out our centres of excellence.


Rhineland Prostate Centre

The Rhineland Prostate Centre is an amalgamation of the Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim with accredited specialists in urology, radiotherapy and pathology. The centre offers patients professional treatment for all disorders of the prostate gland (prostatic inflammation, prostatic disorders, benign enlargements, prostate cancer). This includes consultation, diagnostics, treatment and also after-care. All members of the Prostate Centre are specialists in their field and bring to their work the latest scientific knowledge and recommendations by the international specialist associations.


Rhineland Urinary Stone Centre

The Rhineland Urinary Stone Centre Düsseldorf is there to provide people throughout the whole of the Rhineland with a highly specialised treatment service for all urinary stone complaints. Comprehensive diagnostics, a broad range of careful therapy procedures and a team of medical specialists with many years of specialisation offer patients an optimum treatment regime. An up-to-the-minute lithotripter which is used to gently "crush“ about 750 stones every year by means of sound waves is available for painfree stone removal. At our stone surgery we offer a urinary stone analysis, individual metabolism and nutrition consultation and continuous after-care.


Kidney Centre

The Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim's Kidney Centre provides treatment for all kidney disorders, such as kidney stones, cysts and renal pelvis disorders. The hospital attaches especial importance to the diagnosis and treatment of kidney tumours. The Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim is well set-up for the treatment of kidney complaints: the medical team headed by Chief Physician Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Wolff has a lot of experience and excellent medical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney cell carcinomas. "Diagnosis, therapy and after-care by a single provider, in collaboration with our accredited colleagues" is a key phrase that sums up the hospital's holistic treatment concept. 


Continence Centre

Incontinence is a widespread condition. Some five million Germans suffer from uncontrolled loss of urine or faeces, and the number is rising. Women in particular are affected by it. Nevertheless, the topic is still a shameful one in our society. The Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim's Continence Centre wants to give sufferers hope, encourage them to put themselves in the hands of specialised and experienced specialists and seek expert help. In accordance with the motto "Forget your shame – improve your quality of life" the Paracelsus Hospital Golzheim offers patients a fast route to optimum care. Available alongside procedures like physiotherapy, pelvic floor exercises and electrostimulation is surgery with excellent success rates.


German Centre of Excellence for Pain Treatment in Urology (DKSU)

This highly specialised centre is the first pain treatment centre on German territory for pain patients that suffer from a disorder of the urogenital tract. Conditions treated are acute and chronic pain conditions in cases of urogenital organ disorders, pain caused by tumours or pain as a side-effect of tumour treatment as well as pain as an after-effect of nerve damage. Sufferers are treated either in the out-patients department or in-house. Therapeutic methods include interdisciplinary and multimodal pain therapy involving psychological, medicamentous and non-medicamentous treatment procedures.

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